Information and Questions
Regarding Workers’ Compensation
For Professional Athletes

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is a no-fault benefit delivery system that is designed to cover workers who are injured on the job. These benefits may include a monetary award, future medical care and a possible life pension. Professional athletes are covered under most states’ workers’ compensation laws.

Monetary Benefits For Permanent Disability

Compensation is awarded for Permanent Disabilities caused by work related injuries, either specific injuries and/or cumulative injuries (wear and tear injuries). The amount of permanent disability is determined by the examining doctors. The benefits will vary depending on the level of permanent disability and the date of injury. The amount of monetary recovery will also vary due to date of injury and level of disability.

Future Medical Care

Players may be entitled to lifetime medical benefits for work related injuries and illnesses caused by their participation.

Life Pensions

Players may qualify for a modest workers’ compensation life pension if their case meets certain criteria. The pension is again based on the date of injury and amount of disability.

Can Players Qualify For Workers’ Compensation?

In almost all cases, players suffer some type of work related injury or injuries. Therefore, players are eligible to apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

Is There a Time Frame In Which The Player Must File?

The laws vary from state to state. The State of California has their own unique set of laws that address the time in which a player must file their claim.

Is Workers’ Compensation Available in All States?

Yes. Each state has their own set of laws pertaining to workers’ compensation procedure and benefits.

Can A Player File A Claim In More Than One State?

Yes. However, once a claim has been filed for a specific body part in another state and settled, the law states that you may not obtain a double recovery on the same body part.

What Is The Cost Of Filing A Claim?

There is no cost to the player to file a claim. Workers’ Compensation claims are handled by attorneys who work under contingency fee agreements. There is no charge to the player unless he or she receives a recovery.

*** Disclaimer This information is not intended as legal advice. This information is not meant to be definitive explanation of the governing laws. This information is given as a brief overview of workers' compensation. Please contact our office so that you can speak with an attorney regarding your potential rights.